These dances were mostly inspired by the choreography of Al Olson. Although a number of dances have been written in this formation, my favorites always include two swings, and a change in position in the line for the "buddy" couples. 

Another Bloom 5    Easy   (3/7/1998   New Haven, CT)
A1    Forward and Back
        Corner allemande left once 
        Pass your partner by the right
A2    Balance and Swing the Next (every other time this will be the same person)

B1    Head couple right and left through*
        Side couple right and left through*
B2    Partner Balance and Swing
        * Dancers should use the full 8 counts for these.
        This is a much easier version of Al's "Bloom 5"

The Danish Loom      Adv             (10/12/2002) Jamaica Plains, MA
A1   Lines of 4  forward and back
       Opposite see saw
A2    Right diagonals change places* (using hands or not)**
        Right diagonals change places
        Left diagonals change places
        (end having changed position with your trail buddy couple, and standing next to P, lady on the right)
B1    Circle left with the opposite couple three-quarterrs
        Neighbor Swing
B2    Give and take to the gents side
        *If there is no dancer on the diagonal, do not move
        ** Using hands probably works better

Spring Blooms    Easy        (3/26/1998   VFW  Cambridge, MA)
A1   Forward and Back
       Corner allemande left once
       Pass partner by the right
A2   Balance and Swing the next

B1   All into the center and on the way back Ladies roll away left
       Sides pass through
       Heads pass through
B2   Partner Balance and Swing

Ten Years of Dancing    Easy      11/24/2000  Oerbaek, Denmark)
A1   Forward and Back
       Corner Swing
A2   Heads right and left through
       Sides right and left through

B1   Corner do si do
       This partner (from swing in A1) do si do once and a half
B2   Original Partner Balance and Swing

       Written for the celebration of 10 years of dancing in Oerbaek Denmark. My pleasure to be the caller for the evening.

© Linda Leslie 2018