Circle Mixers

Adams Amble    Easy    (12/8/2011  Mystic, CT)
A1   Forward & back
       Forward & back
A2   Partner do si do
       Corner do si do (old partner)

B1   Partner Promenade (ladies turn back)
B2   New Partner Balance & Swing

Atlantic/Pacific Mixer    Easy     (4/1/2006    Medway, MA)
A1   Forward and Back
       Forward and Back
A2   Promenade
       Ladies turn back to gent behind

B1    Allemande right once and a half
        Allemande left once and a half
B2    Same Partner Balance & Swing

Clam Digger Promenade      Easy      (9/16/2000  Montpelier, VT)
A1   Promenade, turn as a couple
       Promenade back (face partner)
A2   Wheelbarrow in and out

B1   Partner Balance, Box the Gnat (look on the left diagonal)
       New Partner see saw
B2   This Partner Balance & Swing

Easy Circle of Fun   Beginner-Easy
A1   Forward & Back
       Forward & Back
A2   Partner allemande right once or twice
       Partner allemande left once or twice (gents progress cw, ladies ccw)

B1   New Partner do si do and swing
B2   Promenade

Let's Celebrate the Day   Easy  (6/14/2002   Rehoboth, MA)
A1    Circle Left
        Circle Right
A2    Ladies into the center, turn alone
        return and swing *this* partner

B1    Gents into the center, turn alone  (a new partner is slightly on the right)
        return and swing your new partner
B2    Promenade

        This is a variation of Inga Morton's dance: Let's Celebrate

Maya's Mixer      Easy      (2/21/2000      Concord, MA)
A1   Forward and back
       Forward and back
A2   Partner allemande right once and a half (ladies face in, gents out)
       Wave Balance
       Allemande left once

B1   Partner Balance and Swing
B2   Promenade
       Ladies turn back and promenade a new partner

       Written when Maya was born to Sara & Chris

Quahog Promenade    Easy     (2/12/2000    Cotuit, MA)
A1   Promenade, turn as a couple, return (face each other, Ladies have backs to center)
A2   As couples into the center and back

B1   Partner Balance and Box the gnat
       On Left diagonal new P Balance and Box the gnat
B2   NEW Partner Balance and Swing

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