Sicilian Circles

Late Night at Brown     Easy     (10/3/2003   Brown Univ. Providence, RI)
A1   Circle left
       Circle right 
A2   Neighbor do si do and swing

B1   Partner do si do and swing (face a new couple)
B2   Ladies chain over and back
       Can also be done as a duple/improper

XLent Lucia    Int          (9/30/2000    Oak Lawn, RI)Women face cw; men face cow
A1   Circle Left 1X
       Neighbor swing  (face in and out)
A2   Give and take to ladies’ side (give away one opposite and take the other)

B1   Circle Left 1X
       Balance the Ring
       Outside couple roll away, while the inside couple flirt and go
B2   Partner balance and swing

       Written for Lucia Watson's 50th Birthday Party Dance

© Linda Leslie 2018