Corner Triplet    Proper/Easy
A1   1st couple down the center (the lady will be on the left going down the set)
       Turn alone, return
       Cast off with same role neighbor #2
A2   Ones Contra corners

B1   Ones Balance & Swing

B2  (Face up) Separate and go through the sides (easier version)
      Or  Ones up the center to the top, separate, go down the outside
      Lines of three forward & back
 Written to have a dance for teaching contra corners. 

Vineyard Triplet     Beginner     (7/29/1994  Martha's Vineyard, MA)
A1   Circle six  Left 
       Circle Right 
A2   Hands across Star Right
       Star Left

B1   P  right elbow (or allemande)
       P left elbow
B2   Top cpl. down the outside (to the bottom)
       All swing P  (can be a 2 hand swing)

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