Short Bio

I crafted the following paragraph for use by others when they are publicizing an event for which I am the caller; thus the use of the third person. 

Linda Leslie, from Falmouth (Cape Cod), MA, is known for her resonant voice, clear teaching, and most especially for her enthusiasm. She has called all over the U.S., and  has been in Denmark and the UK for Festivals and dances there. She is skilled at guiding and encouraging dancers of all levels, and has been calling for over 25 years.  Linda is appreciated by dance organizers  for her dance programming, which pleases dancers of all levels. Her repertoire includes contras, squares, English Country Dance, barn dances, and wheel chair dances. Her goals are to provide an experience that emphasizes success, fosters a sense of community and encourages an appreciation for our rich musical heritage and the artistry of the musicians.  

© Linda Leslie 2018