You are one of my favorite callers, and here's why...your rock solid calling skills, of course but also… your use of your voice is so effective and so consistent, and lovely to the ear  ...there is a calming quality to it that enables the dancer to settle; your ability to teach basic skills and encourage improvement in technique in a positive, supportive way (SEL skills "social and emotional learning"); your patience seems boundless. You were a joy in every regard. Thank you for sharing your skills and your delightful self with us.  :)  Mary Beth

I love Linda Leslie's love for every dancer no matter their skill and experience level and her ability to hold the container that brings everyone together. Judy

Thank you so much for your warm, inclusive approach to my (deaf) son; you made this a wonderful first dance experience--we will be back!

I  love Linda's calling! She has a voice like a sultry Jazz singer..fantastic!  Maddie

Your work at our September wedding reception was flawless!  We were absolutely thrilled with the dancing and music.  I am someone who cannot dance to save her life, and yet I was comfortable dancing EVERY dance. You were the perfect caller, just masterful enough, not overbearing; your joy in the dance was contagious. Our guests, young and old, are still talking about it. It was just fantastic, Linda, even better than we could have hoped for.  If you ever need us to tell anyone how wonderful it was, please call us.

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