Over the years, I have put together about 150 dances. I have enjoyed the process very, very much. There were two major reasons for coming up with a dance: spur of the moment need at a particular evening, or, creative day dreaming. Choreographers put dance moves together in sequences that may not have been done before. Often, the same dance may have been "created" by more than one person. It is inevitable that this would happen. Please contact me if any of the following exist under a different name/by a different author. I would love to know! While I don't have the specific date when I wrote a dance, I do have the date when I first called it. The dances in these pages are organized by formation, then alphabetically, and I include only those that I deem worthy to share.  I use Caller's Companion to keep all of my dances organized, and am very happy with this program. Thanks, Will Loving!

You will undoubtedly note that most of these dances are given an "easy" designation. When I first started calling, I found that there were not enough dances that newer dancers could dance successfully, but that more experienced folks could also enjoy. So I wrote dances to fill this perceived gap.

I thoroughly enjoy discussions about dances/dance choreography! So please feel to get in touch if you would like to know more about a particular dance. 

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